Full Disclosure

Unexpected paths

This journey to design a travel bag started rather unexpectedly.  You see I am not the type of person that designs things like this, in fact I have been a real estate photographer for the past 10 years.  Photography and travel are my passions. 

How did I get here?

  Well I am single and was doing some online dating.  I met a man on a dating site and we started seeing each other.  After a few dates he invited me over to his place one night to make me dinner.  When I arrived at his place he said to me "Did you bring your slut bag?"  I was taken aback by this and said "What?" and he said "Oh you've never heard that term before?"  and I said "No and that's very rude".   

Funny where things lead you

The next day the remark was still bothering me and I asked another single friend of mine if she had ever heard the term and she said no and thought it was rude as well.  Later that day the words "Shag Bag" popped into my head and I laughed and thought now that would be a "fun" name for an overnight bag and could be a great gimmick to sell overnight bags to other single people, but I didn't put any more thought into it. 

Idea's popping

Then about a week later a design for an overnight bag popped into my head and it intrigued me.  I thought now that is a great design for a duffle bag and would solve the problem of everything falling to the bottom of a bag and digging around trying to find something.  I immediately went online and started searching bag designs and found nothing like it.  Over the years of my life I have had many ideas pop into my head from wherever you want to call it and I have got excited about them for a day or two and then let them float away. 

Not this time!

This time I said I am going to get this bag made and bring it to market.  It has been 2 1/2 years getting it here and I have learned so much along the way and am continuing to learn everyday.  Please follow along with me on this journey.  It is a New Year today and I am starting this blog in honor of the New Year 2021 a new beginning for me and for us all.  

Happy New Year!

P.S. I actually did try to trademark the name "Shag Bag" in the beginning, but it was taken already but that is another story for later.


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