Why I love travel.

I started early with my travels

Ever since I was a little girl I have had a desire to travel and see with my own eyes the beauty of our world.  I remember looking at photos as a small child and being in awe of the places, I just had to go.  My father loved to travel and always instilled in me growing up to travel and see the world before you settle down. 

Right out of college I recruited one of my friends to do a backpacking trip through Europe with me.  I planned it all out and had so much fun doing it, and this was before the internet so I had to mail away for information on the different countries. 

It was such a great adventure and I highly recommend it.  The transportation system there is so incredible, why we can't learn from them I will never know.  My friend could only go for a month and I went for two months.  I continued to the northern part of Norway to meet some cousins for the first time.  Discovering your heritage is so rewarding.  

The Journey continues...

Four years later I went back to Europe to work as a waitress in a hotel in Interlaken, Switzerland.  I only spoke English but that is what they needed because they had daily bus tour groups from the U.S., England, and other English speaking groups staying there. Service type jobs are below the Swiss so they hire those jobs out to people from other countries.  I worked with people from Spain, Yugoslavia, England, Austria and Germany.  I was given housing with the job in a room behind the hotel.  Each week I had 3 days off in a row and I was able to hop on the train and tour other parts of the country, and what an incredible beautiful place it was.  

A few years later I ended up getting married and started a family, and with that came less travel. 

My father's advice about travel

That is why my father always told me "travel and see the world before you settle down". 

Now I am older, divorced and an empty nester and it is time for me to start my travels again, and there is no stopping me now, well except for Covid.  

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