Business Networking works wonders!


Women helping women

When I started out with this idea I was not familiar with business networking.  I went to a Meet Up that ended up just being 3 of us on a rainy Saturday it was on a health related subject.  Since there were only 3 of us we discussed what we do and I mentioned the bag I had designed.  The woman Barbara happened to be the  leader for a business Meet Up group and she invited me to come to one of her meetings.  Well that was the start of opening my world to business networking.  From there I met all kinds of people who introduced me to all kinds of other people.  Soon I had a great network of people in place and contacts to help me along the way.  Everyone was so nice and helpful. I was learning so much and being led to places I never would have if I had been home on my own. Only once did I meet someone that tried to shoot me down and tell me to stay with what I was currently good at.  I did not let her bring me down.  I took her advice to heart and learned what I could from it and that was to be cautious and take the appropriate steps.  

Being in a large community helps

Being in a large city like San Diego I was lucky to be in a position to meet people that could help me.  Most large towns and cities have business Meet Ups.  If you are looking for business network support and you live in an area where there is none I would suggest going online to SCORE and getting a free advisor to help you get you on your path.  This is a group of successful business owners who love to help others along the path of developing their business.  With today's Zoom conference calls it is even easier then ever to talk to a representative anywhere in the country. This can be your best asset and did I mention It's FREE.  

 Facebook Groups

You can also find great women's business groups to join on Facebook.  Here you will be able to ask questions, get advice, and let them know what you do.  They are always great to get quick feedback from when you need advice.

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