The Future of travel is Female, Here's why

The future of travel is female. Here’s why.

Women-focused tours are changing the world one trip at a time.

Four years ago, Shelly Kacergis joined a women’s trip to Kenya with Global Heart Journeys. It changed her life. Instead of following the typical tourist itinerary, Kacergis spent time with locals, bonding with female tea farmers and villagers at schools, orphanages, and craft markets.

Moved by the stories she heard, she came home to Atlanta and retired early from a career in banking to start a venture with one of her new friends. The program they launched, which helps women in Kenya gain financial independence as chicken farmers, now supports nearly 100 female farmers.

“The trip opened up a whole new world to me,” she says.

Like many Western travelers, Kacergis felt transformed by African travel. But her experience speaks to the power of female-focused travel amid the ripple effects of the #MeToo movement and the groundswell of women touring the globe with purpose.

“Woman-to-woman travel is one of the greatest unexplored frontiers,” asserts Global Heart Journeys founder Linda Higdon. About 17 years ago she traded her successful career as a classical pianist to work with women in the developing world. “It could entirely change the way we think about travel.”

In other words, the future of women’s travel is, well, female—from CEOs pushing new boundaries to locals calling the shots in the field.

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