About Me

So who is this Travel Gear Girl and what's she all about? 

It started two and a half years ago when an idea for a travel bag design came to me.  I thought it was such a great idea that I decided to get it made and also received a Patent on the design.  Now it is available as my flagship product.  (You can read more of the details on getting the bag was made in my blog).  When I started my Shopify site my one bag looked so lonely that I decided to add some travel accessories along with it.  Most travel sites seem so utilitarian and masculine so I decided to gear my site to women travelers, with an emphasis on products to keep you organized and safe. 

You see I love travel too, ever since I was a small child my father always would say to me "Travel and see the world while you are young".  Out of college I backpacked throughout Europe for the summer with a friend.  What an amazing experience!  I have so many great stories from that trip.  3 years later I got a job at a hotel in Switzerland as a waitress for the summer season.  The hotel hosted English speaking tour groups so they hired me.  Another great experience as I usually had 3 days off in a row and was able to jump on the train and see the rest of the country on my time off.  

Then came the time to settle down get married and start a family.  That usually puts the breaks on the travel to some extent.  We did take some great family trips to places like the Caribbean, Hawaii and in the U.S.  Now I am divorced and an empty nester so my ability to travel has opened up more and I intend to take advantage of it.  A couple of years ago I purchased an RV and decided to travel and work out of it for a year.  I enjoyed it but it was not much fun doing it alone so I sold it. Things are up in the air these days with the virus going on but we can still travel in our own country and there is a lot to see here.  

I want to be a source for women travelers and bring to you not just the bag I designed but also other travel products that other people have designed as well.  Keep coming back as I will be adding more things to my site to help you on your journey wherever it takes you.

Happy Travels,

Mary Ourada-Travel Gear Girl